Brian's Birthday Dinner

I made a little four course meal for my boyfriend's birthday. For the first course I made crab cakes since he loves those. For some reason I got the idea to make crab stuffed mushrooms too so I separated half of the crab cake mixture before adding the egg, spices, and mayo. I added butter and cheese instead and stuffed the mushrooms. The crab cakes paired so wonderfully with the Brooklyn Sorachi Ace we were having. Really, you have to try it.

For the second course I just went with lobster tail cooked with some butter, lemon, coconut milk, and salt. My gosh lobster is reallyyy yummy with butter ♥

The main course was some delicious lamb. I seasoned the lamb chops with mint, thyme, pepper and plenty of salt. I pan seared them and then deglazed the pan with some Allagash Dubbel and made a little sauce with that. I paired the lamb with some tasty thyme and butter potatoes. I really wish I had bought more lamb. We were licking the bones clean. Eek.. poor lamb. So yummy though.

For dessert I made a Mokah chocolate souffle. Mokah is a beer from Southern Tier that pretty much tastes like a dessert. Very chocolatey with a little bit of coffee. The souffle turned out great and I will definitely be posting the recipe soon. Brian said it's the best chocolate dessert he's ever had :) And of course pairing it with Mokah was just a perfect flow of chocolatey flavors.

And that was it. Hope you enjoyed your dinner Brian. (Well, I know he did.. he had his eyes closed saying "mmmm" throughout most of it) Thanks for letting me cook for you and happy birthday!! Hope this is the start of an amazing year for you! ♥ ♥