Suspiro Limeño

July 28th was Peru's independence day (Fiestas Patrias) so I made a Peruvian dessert called Suspiro Limeño. It's really yummy and not tough to make. The bottom is kind of like dulce de leche (we call it manjar blanco in Peru). To make that, you take a can of condensed milk and a can of evaporated milk and cook it over low heat for a little over half an hour. It will become thick and the color will darken. Then you add 3 egg yolks to that and a little bit of vanilla extract. The top is just egg whites, port wine and sugar. Cover about a cup of sugar with the wine and cook it until syrupy, and then add it into three beaten egg whites. And I didn't have any wine so I actually did end up using beer in this even though I hadn't planned on it :) As for beer pairing purposes, it might be interesting with a stout so the roastiness could balance the sweetness. I might have to make this again so I can try it with a beer. Anyway, "suspiro" means "sigh" in spanish and I think this dessert will definitely make you sigh with contentment ;)