Blue Cheese Souffle with Moonglow Pear Sauce and a Prosciutto Salad

This was my first attempt at a savory souffle. I made a blue cheese souffle and cooked some pears in Victory Moonglow Weizenbock for a sauce. I also made a prosciutto salad to go with it and then paired all that with Ayinger Weizenbock. Victory Moonglow is fruity and spicy and perfect for cooking the pears in. Kinda similar to Schneider Aventinus that I used a while ago to cook apples. So the pears and beer were cooked down with some brown sugar and then pureed. The sauce came out delicious. Unfortunately, it's not in my picture since I tried to take one quickly before the souffle deflated. But trust me it was really good. When I do another beer dinner I definitely want to incorporate this sauce somehow.

Anyway, it was a really nice contrast to the blue cheese and the saltier flavors of the souffle and salad. Although blue cheese is a strong flavor, the souffle is still a subtle dish so I felt that pairing it with the same beer that the pears were cooked in would overpower it. Ayinger Weizenbock was the perfect pairing, and dude that is one delicious beer. Look how pretty!