Celery Root Soup

I've been wanting to make something with celery root ever since I had celery root mashed potatoes at a Brooklyn beer dinner a while back. I had never tried it before and I loved the unique flavor it gave the potatoes. So I finally got around to buying my own. They are said to resemble a mix of celery and parsley in flavor. You just cut off all the ugly outside part with a knife and then you can boil it like a potato.

I was thinking of using my celeriac in the mashed potatoes that went with the beef brisket at my beer dinner, but I was warned that some people have an aversion to the taste of celery. Instead, I used it to make myself a yummy creamy soup for lunch. I made the soup with some White Rascal that was left over from the beer dinner and also used the beer as a pairing. I was pretty excited when I tasted the two together. It was such a nice match of flavors. I was a little sad that no one was around to experience the pairing with me, but at least I got to eat all of it.

Well, I had actually written down the recipe for this. But it's gone. I can't find it anywhere. So all you get is the picture :( But I'm pretty sure there was butter, milk, celery root, parsley, onion, celery, and garlic involved. I don't know, all the things you might expect :) If I find the recipe I'll update.