Hopslam Passion Fruit Sorbet

That's right. Hopslam sorbet. I must say, this was a wonderful idea. Everyone loves this delicious Double IPA from Bell's for it's great hoppy aroma and taste. One of the main things I get from the nose is passion fruit. In fact, it smells almost exactly like it. I would know, I had some passion fruit puree and a bottle of Hopslam right next to each other. It's the same! I almost couldn't convince my family that there wasn't actually any passion fruit in the beer.

So I figured these two things together would make a great refreshing sorbet. Just some passion fruit puree, simple syrup, and Hopslam. Get the balance of acidity (from the passion fruit), sweetness (from the sugar), and bitterness (from the beer) just right and into the ice cream maker it goes. Delicious! Perfect for the hot weather we've been having lately. And if you have enough, you might even get a buzz from it ;) I think beer adds a nice little zest to sorbet that goes really well with icy cold fruit flavors. Oh and have I mentioned what an amazing fruit I think passion fruit is? It's so yummy! If I didn't drink beer, mixed passion fruit drinks would be my beverage of choice. That or bloody marys, but that's irrelevant.