Salmon Burger Paired with a Pale Ale

So the other day I made a yummy little salmon burger and paired it with Victory Headwaters Pale Ale. I got the idea to make this when Brian and I went to a restaurant (which I will not name) and ordered a salmon burger that was pretty disappointing. I figured I had to be able to make something better. So I made some salmon patties, a lemony dill mayo, and toasted up some kaiser rolls. For the pairing, a pale ale was really nice. I normally would use something more subtle to pair with salmon but for the completed dish I thought a pale ale would work well. It was very refreshing and did not over power the burger. The beer cleansed your palate between each bite and kind of cut through the creamy sauce. I have to say, this was much more enjoyable than our experience at the restaurant, and I think this may be one of my new favorite pale ales.