Beer Scampi

I got another bottle of Dogfish Head Namaste because I liked it so much the last time I paired with it. I ended up using it in my dinner tonight. I made linguine and sauteed some shrimp with butter, onion, garlic, salt, and pepper. After removing the shrimp, I added the beer and lemon juice to the pan and let it reduce a bit. Then stirred in some more butter and finished it off with a little fresh parsley. The brightness of the beer was lovely with the lemon juice and shrimp. Who needs to cook with wine when you've got beers like this?


  1. Hey Vanessa, did you use one whole bottle, and what was your total serving? The dish sound delicious and simple enough. Cant wait to make it

  2. Hi Manny, thanks so much for reading! I did not use the whole bottle. I think it was about a cup, maybe a little bit more for about three servings. Used the rest to pair with it. Sorry it's not more precise, it was a last minute dinner and I was not planning on even putting it on the blog til I finished it :)

  3. mmm, looks sooo yummy. i think i gained 5 pounds just staring at this picture.

    These are all so cute and creative!

    I just came across your blog today! it's great. :D


  4. Hi everyone. I recommend that you must really try this. For me, I used one whole bottle and everything went good. Thanks for sharing this useful article!