Shrimp and Grits with Stone Levitation Ale

Alright I might as well get another blog post up before the end of the world.

So, sometimes I'll make an awesome dish and not bother posting about it because I don't get a picture of it. I like to take pictures during the day so that there is natural light and the photos look nicer. But it's way more convenient to make food at night, especially lately that it gets dark so early.

I recently hung out with my photographer friend, Alex. We decided to make some yummy food and he offered to take a picture with his equipment. This way it would still look nice at night and I wouldn't have to race against the light.

I had been craving shrimp and grits so we decided to go all out. The dish included:
  • Buttery creamy grits made with Stone Levitation Ale and melty Gouda and cheddar cheese
  • Crispy bacon
  • Seared shrimp (cooked in the bacon grease) with a Levitation pan sauce
  • Pan seared brussel sprouts
  • Scallions, parsley, and lemons
  • Sunny side up eggs with yummy runny yokes

For the beer I was thinking that since the Gouda cheese in the grits had a kinda nutty flavor to it, that it would be complemented nicely with something a bit nutty/caramely/but still hoppy and bright. An amber ale seemed like a good choice, and when I came across Stone Levitation Ale at Stop N' Shop I knew it was my beer. (By the way, that place has an amazing beer selection and is open 24 hours!) I used the beer in the grits, in deglazing the shrimp pan, and as a pairing.

So I made a nice hearty amount and we pigged out. It had all the flavors and textures I was craving, and paired well with the Levitation Ale. And it was fun to make.

Man, I could go for some cheesy grits right now.

P.S. I didn't make this in my kitchen and didn't bother to measure or anything like that, so no recipe today. Don't be mad.